About Jo

Jo has been working full-time as an oil painter since 2011 and has exhibited in a number of galleries in the UK, including the RWA in Bristol. Her training was classical drawing in Denmark and oil painting in a realist school in Italy.

However she is the first to say that technique is not everything and that the first thing to fall in love with, is the oil paints themselves. Her course is to encourage anyone to have a go and she will guide you through the fundamentals needed to create your first still life oil painting. 

If you want to find out more about Jo, have a look at her website: Jo Bansall

The Still Life

This is the still life that Jo will be working on in her course but most importantly she'll be encouraging you to have a go.

Do you need to be able to draw? It's not necessary because you'll learn to draw with the oil paints, one of the most friendly mediums in the art world!

No photographs, no copying but learning how to put what you see in front of you onto the canvas. The result will be your impression of what you see with a certain amount of accuracy gained by completing the course. 



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