A space envisioned and directed by Jo Bansall

Oil Painter and Coach, with a classical training in realism.

Late starter and great believer that anyone can learn to oil paint from life and then gone on to make their mark.

Examples of Jo's work can be seen on her website: www.jobansall.com 

"I'm committed to sharing what I know with you, whether you have been put off from trying oil paints or have tried and found you are stuck, so that you have the basic tools and understanding to progress along your journey as a painter."


The Oil Sketchers

Practice makes progress but it also helps to have a SIMPLE FORMULA THAT WORKS and a COMMUNITY that will encourage and guide you.

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The Oil Painting Foundation Formula

A complete online course that will guide you through the steps to paint a still life oil painting, that you can be proud of.

This course is available a few times in the year and has a limited number of places. If you are interested you can join the waiting list so that you receive information before the course starts. The next one is scheduled for September 2020.


YOUTUBE CHANNEL, a way of seeing.

"Recommendation: I decided to take Oil Sketchers course for personal development reasons. Although I work in therapeutic, expressive arts and art is present in my professional as well personal life, for myself I had noticed recently feeling restrained when wanted to use oil paint in more confident way. I never thought about myself as realistic painter but I understood well that certain foundations of how to handle paint and observe reality are essential to my own creative freedom in expression. Before I took Oil Sketchers course I never painted/drew from life and it opened my eyes to new ways of seeing. Jo is a gentle and full of empathy tutor with her own personal story brought to painting experience. Her tips and guidance allowed me to see more in relations between the object from life and my creative expression. The course gave me confidence to go and create what I want without feeling restricted by lack of observing skill. I enjoyed the painting, weekly challenges and inclusive atmosphere of Zoom live painting sessions. Thank you Jo!"

Honorata Chorazy-Przybysz

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